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So, why enlist the services of Belle Hotel? Quite simply, we enable you to expand your service offering without you having to lift a finger! And yes, your main concern will be ‘what if their quality of service lets us down?’. Given that Belle Hotel already understands that your reputation is on the line by bringing in a sub-contractor, we will do the following to ease your worries;

{jutabs type="accordion" accordionmode="vertical" heighttabs="35px"} [tab title="What is Belle Hotel?"]We will come out to meet you in advance to explain thoroughly what we do, what we will provide and how it will work best at your property/site to benefit your business offering as well as the guests who stay with us.[/tab] [tab title="What are the main site considerations?"] Aside from the obvious (access to a piece of flat land!), we will discuss requirements for access to loos, showers and electricity for guests’ phone charging, hairdryers, straighteners, curling tongs, Kindles and Atari Lynxes (though more modern gaming devices are available!), which aspects we can provide and what we will need to organise access to on site.[/tab] [tab title="Delivering Luxury"]Quite simply, we will deliver what we have sold either via you or via our website. We will arrange an arrival day, give you a finish time and then either hand over to you or meet and greet guests ourselves.[/tab] [tab title="Check-In"]We will provide a reception to check guests in if required and will name each tent in the event of a late arrival or early departure on our part depending on other events. However, every effort will be made to ensure we have a staff member on site at all times.[/tab] {/jutabs}

We typically work with venues which host wedding receptions but have few or no bedrooms. This enables guests to stay on site, not to have to leave early because they needed to book a taxi back to a hotel a few miles away.

Other benefits to guests are;

  • Stay and enjoy the party in your grounds!
  • Spend less (or nothing!) on transport.
  • Flexibility if someone is tired or if kids need to go to bed.
  • No next-day logistical headaches.
  • Wake up to the stunning scenery your venue offers.
  • Relax and mingle with other campers.
  • After a long journey, chill out and enjoy the surroundings.

If you would like us to support events at your grounds, please get in touch to arrange a site visit and a coffee so that we can talk through arrangements.


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